If you have any queries or concerns, you may contact any member of the school office who will happily assist you. They can be contacted in person or by telephoning 0115 915 2965 between 8am and 3.45pm.

Highbank Primary and Nursery School


School Vision


At Highbank, we are proud to be an inclusive school providing a high quality, creative and challenging education. These values are displayed throughout maths as it is taught in a way that ensures that every child within the classroom follows the same journey as one. 

The main focus of each lesson is to ensure that children are aware of their prior learning, current learning and future learning, ensuring that their knowledge of the subject has great depth and is not solely learning at a surface level. Each lesson also provides a high level of challenge, allowing for children to stretch themselves and develop their ability to persevere with a task and show a high level of tenacity.

By the time the children leave Highbank, they will have a secure understanding of Number, Geometry and Measurement. The children will also be able to recall facts relating to Multiplication.

Maths Progression Map

Maths Calculation Policy