Highbank Primary and Nursery School


Go to the website and login using the details:


Password: Highbank11


You'll see 'My Library' in the top right hand corner. Click it and select favourites. There is a book saved in there called 'TJ and the Rockets'. Read chapter 1. This week you are going to be the teacher and set me six questions to make sure I have read the chapter properly. Three of your questions need to be retrieval questions, and three need to be inference questions. There are some question starters below to help you. When you have written them, email your questions to me and I'll send you my answers to check. Hopefully I'll get them all correct!


Inference Question Starters:

  • Find and copy a group of words which show that…
  • How do these words make the reader feel?
  • How can you tell that……
  • How do you know that......
  • Why do you think.....


Retrieval Question Starters:

  • What genre is it? How do you know?
  • How did…?
  • How often…?
  • Who had…?
  • Who is…?
  • What happened to…?
  • What does…. do? 


There is a PDF version here if you want to print it.